Our Legal Department provides services in Energy, Regulatory Affairs and Compliance, Property Damage, Environmental Law (including water contamination and pollution control), Municipal/Government/Administrative Law, Policy Development, Litigation, and grant administration.  A summary of legal services are identified below: 

  •   Property Transactions

  •   Environmental Due Diligence

  •   Contract Review, Preparation and Negotiation

  •   Residual and Hazardous Waste Management

  •   Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs)

  •   Regulatory Compliance

  •   Bid Solicitation and Compliance

  •   Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Superfund (CERCLA)

  •   Permits Preparation, Oversight and Management

  •   Energy Services

Gail M. Conner, Esquire, President of G&C Environmental Services, Inc. was Appointed to Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board Rules Committee February 2013. The Rules Committee is a statutorily-created committee under the Environmental Hearing Board Act of 1988. The Committee oversees the development of all rules of procedures before the Environmental Hearing Board, which is comprised of 5 administrative law judges hearing appeals from any decision of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The Committee makes recommendations to the Environmental Hearing Board Judges and meets quarterly with all the judges regularly attending.   The Environmental Hearing Board Rules Committee has 9 members. 

The link to the EHB website is ehb.courtapps.com.

Environmental science AND ENERGY services firm

Gail m. Conner, Esquire

 Licensed in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.



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